Evil pirates

  • TriviaCasino
    TriviaCasino-Bit of trivia, bit of gambling. Choose from (currently) 3 categories and score 4 correct questions in a row to play the bonus slots round. Play long enough and you’ll get the occasional chance to play a ‘Double or Nothing’ round- a chance to step closer to the no#1 high-score.
  • Joker’s slot
    Free 5 Reel slot game. Addictive gameplay, play on 5 paylines and enjoy winning!
  • Haunted Mansion Slots
    Haunted Mansion Slots is a fun and addicting halloween themed slot machine game with 3 modes of play. This game features high scores in all game modes! Game modes include Time Trial Mode where you must win as much money as you can in 60 seconds starting with 3 credits. 3 Spins Mode where you only ha..
  • Mini Penny Slots
    Tiny penny slot game
  • Einarmiger Bandit
    Einarmiger Bandit is a great slot machine simulator by Flash Games. Place your bet and pull the arm to start the machine.
  • Spooky Slots
    Halloween themed slot machine game.
  • salata!
    Slot game
  • Sweet Slots
    Spin the wheel , good luck !
  • Slot Car Racer
    Race against a choice of F1 cars around a “Silverstone” like track.